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Camping Newbies was designed to be a source for anyone who enjoys getting away from their everyday life to enjoy time in the wilderness.  We are devoted  to finding the best in outdoor gear, equipment and supplies online for camping and related activities as well as providing useful, informative information to make camping adventures more fun! 

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Backcountry ski and snowboard gear, camping
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Sleeping Bags
0 to -40 Down, 0 to -40 Synthetic, 25-15 Down, 25-15 Synthetic, 55-30 Down, 55-30 Synthetic, Bivy Sacks and Solo Tents

Sleeping Pads
Lightweight, Luxury, Midweight, Accessories

Water Treatment
Bottles, Filters, Purification

Coleman Camping Equipment

Ozark Trail Camping Supplies

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Camping Tip...

Make sure you and your family pack all of the right camping equipment, gear and supplies such as your tents, backpacks, and camping food before heading out for a weekend away from the city.  Create a camping checklist to make sure all your gear is in order for your next outdoor adventure.

A week or so before going out, I would recommend getting a piece of paper and creating your own camping check list just to be on the safe side.  Jot down any camping equipment you think you may need, such as backpacks, sleeping bags, pillows, tents, camping food, hiking stick, fishing poles, firewood, cooking equipment, flashlights, water, binoculars, etc.  Take a look at this sample camping check list. Once you have the beginnings of a check list, hang the list on the refrigerator or put it in a location where it will be seen every day, and if you think of another necessity, just write it down.  By doing this, you will be sure to remember all the camping equipment, gear and supplies you need.  Also, placing the list somewhere you can see it everyday will keep you excited about your upcoming camping trip.

A friendly reminder to all who love the wilderness
To ensure that everyone has a pleasurable experience in the backcountry, please respect Mother Nature by bringing out more trash than you take in.  This will ensure that others who come after you will have a clean place to enjoy the outdoors for generations to come.

If you are looking for information on backpacks and where to buy them, you found the right place to help you decide which backpacks are right for you.

Camping Food
Let's face it, hot dogs and a cold can of beans are the essential camping food for some campers.  More on camping food...

Camping Lights
I don't know about you, but when I'm camping, I'm really not one to go carrying around a flaming stick to see where I'm going.  Camping lights are essential when out at the campsite.

Camping Stoves
There are many different types of camping stoves that will serve you right whether you are on the trail or at the campground.

Camping Tents
Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your new camping tent.  Camping tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Sleeping Gear
The right information you need to know when choosing the right sleeping gear including sleeping bags and sleeping pads.

Water Treatment
Have you ever been somewhere that the water just didn't seem up to par?  Always have a portable water treatment system available.

Outdoor Gear Manufacturers
Check out all the major names of gear manufacturers here. Choose from names like The North Face, Marmot, Kelty, Gregory and many, many more!
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Choose the right camping gear
Having the right camping gear can mean the difference between a great camping experience and a horrible one.  Choosing the right camping gear is essential for a memorable camping experience.

Get the right chair for you when camping or fishing
Find the right camping and/or fishing chair to suit your needs.  In my opinion a lightweight portable chair is the difference when camping or fishing.

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